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From all the numbers in your numerology chart always the most important one is your lifepath number!
Although all numbers in the individual chart have to be seen in their specific relationship to each other and have of course their own significant importance on the spot (Name, Birthday, Personality, Personal year, etc…), the life path number is the most influential cycle, that spans from your birth until your departure.

Within the 4 Core elements (lifepath, Name, Heart, Birthday) we numerologists see the lifepath number s energy impacting you with 50%, Name 30%, Heart 20%. Birthday is seen as 10% part of the 50% of the lifepath, to give a visual imagination.
As you can change your name throughout your lifespan, and therefore \”modify\” certain parts of your vibrational field and attracting influences to it, the date of your birth can t be altered, it s fixed!
For this reason the lifepath number, that derives from your date of birth, has the most significant importance.

I d love to see the lifepath like a river, that has a very distinct current and you at birth jump into it with your specific boat. This river has it s very distinct shape and you can t know before what s awaiting around the next corner. Is it a waterfall, is it goin through a desert, jungle, big cities….etc..?

What kind of people you will meet on this river, which unforseen challenges await you, what you have to learn to cope with it all?

One thing is clear, only when you float with the current of YOUR river and learn the things necessary to cope with the tasks, that the river requires to solve, then you move forward in the best growth. In the growth that you are specifically designed for.
It s normal, that for many reasons we sometimes try to avoid to go with the current of our river, because we see another river, that looks more interesting for us and we get out from ours and try another.

Or we find ourselves for various reasons inclined to move against the current of our river and paddle in the opposite direction or maybe we get to the shore of it, getting out and for some reason and try to move on by foot with our boat, because we think, we don t need the river.
In this case we can also move forward, to some certain extent maybe also very successful, but always having the feeling, that things could move a bit better and that there is still some potential missing to explore within.

The common way to see the lifepath is the kind of road that is there for us, where our the lessons are waiting to be learned.
Challenges and Opportunities come in many forms and shapes, that are needed to be coped with, learned to overcome, struggled with, etc . etc., for the reason of growth.

Only when we get ourselves in line with our lifepaths demands, trust our inborn qualities and willingly learn to \”walk on it\”, we will successfully develop our truest potentials.

Jesus said, \”Blessed is the man who has suffered and found life.\” My favourite sentence from the Thomas Gospel to relate for explaining the lifepaths characteristic. Growth always hurts first…but only on YOUR lifepath you can experience the growth for your best outcome.
Once in \”flow\”, you feel that the river under your boat is flushing you forward like when you are stepping on a travelator in the airport.

Let s give here quickly the 11 lifepath \”rivers\” some names, that describes one of the main characteristics of it s lessons:

1 – Independence
2 – Sensitivity
3 – Selfexpression
4 – Order
5 – Freedom
6 – Balance
7 – Faith
8 – Recognition
9 – Selflessness
11- Illumination
22 – Manifestation

Of course You can t explain a lifepath number just with one word, but sometimes we have to for reasons of a brief description.
I ll be happy to send you a free minireport about your 3 main core numbers (lifepath, Name, Heart), if you sign up to my newsletter on my website Your Number Rocks. Then you ll get a much wider insight onto your lifepaths quality

Never forget: YOUR number ROCKS! \"\"

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