Ibiza – The magic melting pot of numbers!

When you go to a place and its heartnumber is the number of your expression, then the place is attracting you very much and \”asking\” for your talents to bring. When the expression of the place is your lifenumber, then the place has some interesting life experiences usually to offer for your growth.

When your heart number matches the places expression, then you will find your luck maybe there.Well, it s no secret, what I feel for this piece of soil on this planet as many others do, that came here already since long time. 

In my numerol. studies I have already analyzed the basic influences of the islands names longer time ago, but since Im now also studying more and more charts of people, that are living here (and the ones especially, that moved there to), confirms once more to me the massive relation of things in universe, that can be not better described as through numbers.
I find here such an obvious high count on core/cycle patterns with the distinct presence of the number 3 in the peoples charts, which is just mindblowing. As if the 3 energy would feel \”comfy\” in a very distinct way….Well, IT DOES!

Each place (town, city, country) has its distinct energy, that it emits/represents/looks for and therefore it attracts also a certain related energy in us people, that \”vibrates\” harmonious with it or is maybe also \”looking out\” for it…etc.

IBIZA, the nowadays commonly used name has a 1 heart number, a 1 personality and, yes, it has a Master 11/2 expression. Let me get this straight…so many call it the \”magic\” island….well, HERE, u have it in numbers, the illuminating, revelating, highly spiritual sensitive 11, and the same time the \”tact\”ful, rythmic and very harmonious female 2, that loves music as its \”daily bread\”.

With the 11 this place is under a constant illuminating \”Spotlight\” factor, which is the perfect place to \”spread a message\” from \”above\”. The 11 is a \”revelating\” energy, that supports highly idealistic values to serve for a greater good. Ibiza has become THE WORLD centerstage for all the Top DJs to meet and \”illuminate\” (in some way) the island with their music, that also spreads out to the world in so many \”Ibiza Compilations\”, \”Ibiza Chill Samplers\”, \”Ibiza Relax Chill\”…etc.etc.

Of course also many of the worlds high society, jet set and celebrity people every year want to \”sunbath\” themselves, as you could say, in the islands illuminating \”spotlight\”. To the same time you find here a vast amount of spiritual body and mind accelerating communities, practioners, institutions etc., which love/use the \”healing\”/harmonizing (2) energy of this place in their undertakings..

With its personality 1 IBIZA stands \”outside the usual\” places, is an inspiration for all the pioneers (1) of creativity (1) and stands for its ways of originality and will of independence. Ask a native Ibicenko, if he feels in his heart as a \”spanish\”…
With the same heartnumber 1 it also \”wants\” to attract original, creative, independence seeking people, inventing new ideas, etc. The 1 stands for \”the new, the first time, the birth of….\”, just associate for yourselve these terms related to that, what Ibiza on Ibiza was already \”pioneered\”.

The first letter \”I\” gives the name its universal attititude to the openness for all mankind, making no difference in race, culture, religion, attitude, etc. \”Live yourselve and let others live themselves\” (9), It has to be considered, that already the phoenicians were welcomed there, when they seeked out for a strategic trading crosspoint on their mediterenean route. When they settled they gave the island the name \”Ibossim\”.

If it was exactly this spelling, its not so important for me, but more the fact, that this name already started already with an \”I\”, as so the phoenicians perceived the place (and its inhabitants) probably in some sense like the description above. Til today Ibiza is still visibly related to the Hippie Culture, that was also welcomed/accepted here without big problems in the 1960s. And the \”worlds artist number\” 9 just emphasizes once more its very creative demand.

But Ibiza has also an \”additional view point\”, coming from another form of its name, which is used in the catalan language and its also on all the roadsigns on the island written like that: EIVISSA!
Expression 3, the \”platform\” of selfexpression in all creative ways possible, including spiritual creativity (not to forget). The 3 energy stands for the \”god child\” energy, which is creativity in its purest expression and can uplift, inspire and motivate as direct as possible.

Its the energy of entertainment and celebration, of fun and the pure joy of living. I guess, I just need to add the fact that the phoenicians dedicated this island to their god \”Bez\”, the god of music and dance, then you can make your own resumee…the heart 6 adds within a further emphasizing creative expressive component, its family \”attitude\” and also the wish to \”heal\” (6).

Its first letter \”E\”, the keystone, gives the name (the Romans named it \”Ebesus\”) its multicultural, multisexual (!), progressive, dynamic and very freedom loving attitude. The 5 stands for experiencing a lot of drama, various changing situations to adapt, and in fact, when you watch the history of this island, back even to the phoenicians, then they had a LOT of \”storms\” and changing foreign gouvernements to overcome.

I like to relate the 5 always to \”freedom fighters\”, the rebel types and not seldom also the \”pirates\”, and, yeah, Ibiza is also within well known for its historical involvement in piracy, either first in suffering under them, but also in actively doin it from time to time :-). In \”Eivissa\” we find also the 5 as personality number. Btw.: For their most famous local corsair they ve built even an obelisk next to the port.

The 11/2, 1, 9 and the 3 combined: Ibiza is a place, where you find unique/unusual/innovative/individualistic (1) people, a place with a strong magical (11) attracting and balancing/healing (2) energy, that can inspire/uplift (3) People to all forms of creative/pioneering undertakings  (1) and the free expression of self (3).

With its synthesizing (9) personality and broad universal (9) attitude it reflects a place, where \”everybody\” is welcomed and felt as a part of the whole \”global family (9)\”. It s also interesting, to mention, that the negative end of the 3 continuum describes within an overemphasis on superficial joy/pleasure activities etc., which sounds familiar as you can see through the meanwhile heavy Party Tourism, that has developed there.

Finally for me the most outstanding aspect is clearly the magical 11/2 expression with it s extreme spiritual \”Download\” channel capacity and this certain magnetic \”spotlight\” effect, that an 11/2 brings with it.

Btw.: Nostradamus mentioned in his quadrines, that after the next catastrophic global event (in nowadays time) the \”new intelligence\” will emerge from Ibiza. What a coincidence…P-)


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